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Definitely fluffy. It follows two different storylines that have similarly rushed relationships with no backstory and tame sex scenes. The art is nice, though.
More BL than Yaoi. Really experimental and a little hard to follow at times, but the characters and the world are so robust and interesting that I couldn't help but love this one!
The art is great! There's a storyline here about how these two met and built trust and a relationship despite an age gap and completely different lifestyles. However, the ending feels unfinished.
This is a slow build workplace story that is worth the read if you appreciate decent character development and backstory over extra smut. It's not a dark story, and you'll have a happy ending to look forward to.
Slow build, background story, inner turmoil, and slightly unresolved tension. This is my kind of story. If you're looking for an excess of fluff or smutt, this is not the story for you. Either way, the art is beautiful!
Given the cover, the description, and the preview, I thought this woud be more of a slow-build and serious manga. It's actually pretty silly, fluffy, and smutty. Not my favorite.
This is a sweet story that is mostly about the protagonist hiding his admiration for his childhood friend, who has a penchant for taking care of the protagonist. The story isn't overly sexy. Lots of internal dialogue with a relatively slow build compared to other stories.
This is an anthology of three stories. The first story follows two convenience store workers. The second story is the Boring Nonimuya story. The third story follows a fantastical world where there are people descended from cats, and one such person was also born with human ears and sees hallucinations, but is bullied for it. The third story is amazing and worthy of 5 stars. The other two are 3-4 stars. These stories are not hot and heavy and focus more on relationships.
I enjoyed this series. It takes readers through a relatively realistic rockstar relationship that is on solid ground. We get both the current and backstories. The contention between wanting love and loving music are explored. All in all, worth the read!
This was a fantastic and pretty realistic romance.
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