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This story has an interesting kink involved. Lots of non-con and dub-con. But I think it's way better than the first story in this series.
I did feel attached to the main couple. The cheating was not my kind of love story. There was a lot of pressure, manipulation, and dubcon. I wonder what the protagonist's life would have been like if he'd just stayed with his nice boyfriend.
I started & finished this series in one sitting. The story follows an isolated, wealthy HS boy as he discovers friendship & romance for the first time, but that's where the typical trope veers off the tracks: The focus of his interest is a gruff, handsome fugitive-in-hiding. Their connection builds slowly; the plot manages to conceal the backstory for a long amount of time without frustrating the reader. I was unsure if I'd be OK with the age-gap, but in the end, I supported their connection & was impressed by the writing & art. What started as a rental turned into an upgrade buy. I highly recommend this for its well-written plot and angsty first love story.SPOILERS:...There are some steamy scenes about halfway through, a touch of dub-con, but the one leading is the HS boy and not the older man. There's a happy ending.
I was really hopeful about this one. The idea behind it is awesome. What a fun setup! However, the storyline was really choppy and felt rushed at times. I also did not enjoy the ending, which also felt like they went from zero to 100 way too fast. It's a fluffy-ish, light read that offers a few chuckles.
I guess this story make work for some, but in all, I did not enjoy this. The porn industry setting serves no purpose except to set up for a first encounter and jealousy points that really could've been tweaked to take place anywhere else. The main characters are a bit selfish, and the uke acts so immaturely that I can't really get on his side with any of his choices. It's like fluff with a mix of non-con bait and child-like stalking.
This is an Omegaverse tale with a real storyline. Each chapter brings readers into a possible reality of the world as omegas came to be. The romantic pair build up well. Nothing feels rushed. There is a dose of angst and plenty of backstory. I hope this updates more quickly! (This review was written after Chapter 3 update.)
The focus here is definitely smut, but the mandala has a knack for writing characters that have actual personalities. While I normally don't enjoy volumes like this (and prefer long, slow-burn stories), I enjoyed this short story anthology, and I liked all the pairings. There is a theme of possible non-con throughout the third and final story for those that don't like that theme. I personally don't like non-con, but it was done in such a way this time that even I didn't mind it too much.
This was mostly smut with a smattering of bad storytelling. Every emotional scene where kindness and affection were shared was followed by a sex scene, and it honestly got tiring. The seme did not have a personality outside of the being obsessed with the uke, and I'd say it was almost the same for the uke towards the seme as well. I managed to finish the story, but I will not be reading the spin-off with the backstory. I'm not invested enough to understand what kind of paranormal creature Kei is.
no back story, weak storylines, all smut.
rushed storylines, the characters all look young, and no backstories. just fluff and steam.
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