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Volume consists of one shots and revisits- human females and cat males. It's a nice and sweet PG-16 read. Nothing dramatic, just a slice of life and extra TLC for the overworked girls.
HoneyLavenderTea Rating
Really cute and sweet, I really hope she makes more! My only complaint is that the relationships felt a little too platonic. It was all very fluffy and adorable but it felt more like pet/owner love than boyfriend/girlfriend love.
Kayo Rating
This Manga is Meow-tastic!Don't listen to those who say it's not a 'bf-gf fiery hot relationship' and think it's a detractor, that's already not right anyway! This is the ideal, perfect boyfriend-girlfriend relationship that they have going. There are multiple vignettes, and each tell a tale of their own. Very sweet, the girls are considerably nice and caring towards their boyfriends, with each boyfriend in toe being their own quirky person. Even if they're a cat, the authentic positivity of their perspectives radiates the whole room. Highly recommend this intriguing, genuine, heart-warming Manga.
kronosking Rating
Cute stories for cat furries.
Momochan77 Rating
Absolutely adorable! It's honestly really wholesome and you find yourself looking forward to what happens next! Each couple is adorable and have their own worries and struggles but the love is super sweet and makes each chapter wonderful! Especially since the second book released! Now we know there's a deeper connecting plot and I look forward to seeing what happens next!!
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