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HoneyLavenderTea Rating
Really cute and sweet, I really hope she makes more! My only complaint is that the relationships felt a little too platonic. It was all very fluffy and adorable but it felt more like pet/owner love than boyfriend/girlfriend love.
Volume consists of one shots and revisits- human females and cat males. It's a nice and sweet PG-16 read. Nothing dramatic, just a slice of life and extra TLC for the overworked girls.
Kayo Rating
This Manga is Meow-tastic!Don't listen to those who say it's not a 'bf-gf fiery hot relationship' and think it's a detractor, that's already not right anyway! This is the ideal, perfect boyfriend-girlfriend relationship that they have going. There are multiple vignettes, and each tell a tale of their own. Very sweet, the girls are considerably nice and caring towards their boyfriends, with each boyfriend in toe being their own quirky person. Even if they're a cat, the authentic positivity of their perspectives radiates the whole room. Highly recommend this intriguing, genuine, heart-warming Manga.
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