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HorseObsessed Rating
I liked it, I guess. It was about average, really. I'm actually surprised that I don't like this more ?.
Weeb4Life Rating
Zoltan completely steals the show and the comedy he brings is the highlight of the manga. The plot is very cliché guy-acts-cold-to-hide-feelings, but thanks to seeing the guy's POV we can empathize and grow to love him. Zoltan is eccentric, overly emotional, a bit neurotic and childish, but highly entertaining and adorably romantic, I fully buy that he fell in love with a picture (which he keeps with him at all times!), he's a bit of a mess but in the best way. Arabella is spirited and bubbly, but her growing love for Zoltan is the story's biggest flaw, since it's so unbelievable and forced. From her POV, Zoltan is rude, temperamental and neglectful (all her own words), he keeps making unreasonable demands seemingly on a whim (which she always complies with, despite being upset, making her a complete pushover) and, w/o being privy to his thoughts and knowing WHY he does so, there's no way any sane girl would fall for him. Check this out for Zoltan alone, he's definitely worth it.
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