User Reviews For: Nekomiya and the Cat Shrine


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Weeb4Life Rating
The premise (cats don't die, when their fur gets too old or damaged they change into a new fur and live a new life, but if a human discovers this secret then the cat responsible loses what's most important to them) may be very magical, but at its heart this is a simple story about the bonds between humans and cats. And as any pet owner will know, such bonds can be both heartwarming and heartwrenching. There are a lot of tearjerkers and moments that will tug on your heartstrings, but all the "Acts" have happy endings and positive messages, and the art always fits the mood perfectly. This is definitely a manga that'll stay with me for a long time, it touched my heart and made me truly feel something, the way few others ever manage. This is an absolute must read for any cat lover and anyone who's ever loved a pet.
tbk123 Rating
This was so cute and sweet! I loved it!
Hisoka88 Rating
I love love love this series. I lost my cat recently, even tho he didn't run away, it's nice to think that this is what actually happens when a cat is no longer with you. I highly recommend!
ushidebray Rating
It's a fresh story!
StreetUrchin Rating
Cute and heartwarming.
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