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SaraN Rating
2.5 stars. It was okay. The art was pretty good. I didn't connect to anybody except the little brother (he was adorable). I didn't really feel romance, and there was an odd flow. You barely get to see them as a couple. And if you're fine with a blah story if the smexy times are there, well this doesn't have that either. Short smut scenes with little detail. For all that this was book length, it appears there may be another volume. There were a couple of plot points left open (mild spoilers: the dad, the guy with the camera), but they aren't cliffhangers. It just feels unfinished. I'm glad I rented. If there is another volume, I won't pick it up.
LilBeth1221 Rating
Super Cute! The main character is na誰ve and endearing, his love interest is a little less developed but it's still enjoyable watching them come together. If you like Love Stage! you'll probably enjoy this too. They both involve show biz and gender bender characters. Also Momoki Sae's artwork is great!
Kayaskydragon Rating
I like it and I hope the sequel gets put on here too.
procella Rating
It was...odd. Not the worst I have ever read, but still. There were parts where it felt that some scenes were missing. Plus who was the black haired guy who took pictures of them?! I have so many questions after reading this...
kpossibles Rating
This was definitely a title that's a "rent" instead of a "buy". I really liked the trope of stand-in for a twin x crush, but I felt like the main character was a bit TOO oblivious sometimes lol. Overall, still very enjoyable especially with the cute little kid that pops up in the first chapter.
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