User Reviews For: The 45-Year-Old Gentleman Is a Tactless Beast -Tonight, Teach Me How It's Supposed to Be Done...-


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piffpuff810 Rating
I love it
roketto Rating
Absolutely adorable story with a love interest you will just adore. He is such a sweetheart and treats her so well, and I love their relationship. I'm really enjoying this manga, you should give it a read!
Mickyl Rating
How? How did you make something so sweet?! I feel a little that it's moving fast but I love this couple. I love that they are growing together without senseless drama
Neide Rating
I finsihed it and I want more!! Will there be a vol. 2?? I need more!!!
Chocomalt Rating
This one is so cute! Love the storyline and art! Probably one of the best story lines I've read in a while. So happy to have stumbled upon this one!
chocoboco Rating
It's a sweet, fairly laid back age gap romance. The male love interest is such a cinnamon roll.
canadiana Rating
Wow, what a great series!! The plot is fun, sincere, and tons of GREAT hot scenes! No regrets buying this, can't wait for the next issues!
Poppy101 Rating
This series has quickly become my favorite!
MomoBee Rating
This Manga is like a breath of fresh air! I love that there's nothing pushy or forceful in the steamy scenes and the main male character really cherishes her. He's super sweet and forward to the point where you don't see unnecessary drama from misunderstandings and they both communicate their feelings directly. I would so highly reccomend! Everything is super easy to follow and the art is on point as well. I originally rented but now I've bought it so I can read over and over again.
Soumasan Rating
Honestly, the story is something. I love it
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