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Oltrepassassi Rating
I love harlequins where the Male lead is in love with the female lead and chases her. It wasn't petty drama, just the efforts of a goofy man learning how to court a guarded woman.
Weeb4Life Rating
Wow talk about putting the cart before the horse! Sam finally wants to get married and decides that his competent secretary Barbara is the most suitable choice, not realising all the emotional baggage she's been hiding for years. Despite how pushy and arrogant he is, he's surprisingly pure and na誰ve when it comes to marriage and he's adorably earnest in his ardent pursuit of his lady love. Barbara is like every typical hormone-driven Harlequin/hentai heroine who becomes putty in the hands of any hot guy who kisses her, but unlike them she's very self-aware and is terrified of being a slave to her emotions. Although her tactics to avoid this are entirely counterproductive to her other goal of not being the target of gossip, rumours and slut-shaming, making me seriously question whether the author thought this through properly... I do appreciate how we get to see Sam's POV just as much as we do Barbara's, it really helps to flesh him out since he doesn't have a clich辿 tragic backstory.
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