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fionav3 Rating
I find it irritating when I buy a manga for the cover story, only to find the story is barely half the book and there are actually several other couples that I'm not interested in in the book. That said, even the first couple's story wasn't that great - it felt rushed and I wasn't very invested in them. Art as nice but this manga overall was disappointing.
bdryburgh Rating
The beginning of the first story in this group made it seem like it would be dubious consent, but changed suddenly. Then it became rather sweet (but still perverted, because the first story group involves lots of cosplay). Then there is a story about a tutor and high school kid, and a restaurateur and private detective - my favorite in the book, as the two were very sweet together. In between are short vignettes about the mangaka's snacks and an office worker and his suddenly very tiny boss. Unexpectedly a more...tender...bunch of stories than you might think from the sample read.
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