User Reviews For: The Blue-collar Farmer and the Flat Maiden -You're Kidding, Right? In the Greenhouse...!?-


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Carrot Rating
This was a super cute story! It moves fast but I didn't mind since the plot still carries through and was an enjoyable read!
Risuna Rating
meh - sweet love story, has its moments, sexy scene finally at chapter 5 & I think I'll stop reading there & use my points for other manga
murkyburning Rating
I like this one because I share the same, ahem, physical features as the female lead, haha. It's nice to see girls like us represented in this type of media too! I don't know if the story is going the harem route with the 3 brothers, but I personally am rooting for Akari and Nobutsugu. They're so cute together!
oynaka Rating
I love cool guy with glasses!!!
Slinky Rating
No harem in the first chapter but sweet premise. Sometimes the male art-style is a bit weird but the girl looks very sweet.
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