User Reviews For: The Yakuza Has Low Self-Esteem


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Cuttingedge2 Rating
Story moves really fast, the action is ok. I liked the chemistry between the characters but the character interaction is a little weird. But if done correctly it could develop into a really cute story.
malcosky Rating
The story paced is fast. I don't even remembered if they're introduced themselves~lol~Btw the arts are nice tho
Fuphanie Rating
The art was beautiful but the plot felt bad tasting. Things moved too quickly.
Allisonk Rating
The story had a lot of potential and art style is great but moved WAY to fast and seemed to be all over the place. They didn't even introduce themselves yet knew each others names! Overall would have been a lot better as a longer story with a slower pace and more character development.
EmTheHooligan Rating
Cute, but honestly too fast and too short. I wanted more development and details and fluff, etc. Could've been a good story if done better by. The art was my type though, so I liked that! 3.5
SaraGold Rating
The art was nice, but the story was EXTREMELY fast-paced. I can understand wanting to get right to the action, but this was light speed.Also, 2/3 times smut happens is dub-con at best, sooo... be warned if you need it.
Purple Rating
It was cute.?? I can't wait for more. ????
jenny Rating
this is so cute!!!!!!!
Flowery Rating
So gar so good. I want to see them living together.
NinjahBunnie Rating
Love this one yakuza have the best moe!!!!!
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