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It was so sweet, and not what I was expecting. I enjoyed the story quite a bit, the characters were relatable in their own ways, and the ending was adorable. My only problem is for a certain person who doesn't get justice served upon (if you read it, you'll know who I mean). Overall, very good, emotional, funny, and adorable. I'm glad it came all in one.
Hahaha oh man that first chapter was great. I can't wait to learn more about them and see what happens. The humor, and the innocent “kid” haha.
*nosebleeds* I-I l-love it!!!When I first saw the cover I thought of Renta's shojo “Hana and the Beastman”, which is pretty good. But this yaoi manga, oh my gosh. I was intrigued by the description, and within pages of reading I was hooked. There are 3 stories in this anthology. The first, about the wolfling, is romantic and sooo pervy, and I found the couple very sweet. I wanted even more! The short story was super pervy and kinda random but I thought it was interesting, maybe a little creepy (not surprised though) haha. The third was so sweet I wanted to cry, I really appreciated the relationship in that one. All the stories are steamy, but interesting and I loved every page. Definitely worth the read, it's now in my favorites shelf.
Surprisingly, since I'm a diehard BL fan, this ended up being probably one of my favorite “classic” type mangas. They were so cute, and oh man it could be so hilariously predictable. But it was done in a good way so it wasn't annoying, it just made me laugh. I thought their story was adorable and I really had wished that I could've seen their future with kids together. I think that would've been cute and actually fit the story. Overall, it was cute, sexy, funny, and pretty good.
Oh man it was so wholesome and adorable. I smiled like a loser every chapter. If you want romance and no smut, then I highly recommend this series. I want more!
My heart just melts every time I see them together. *sigh*. The art is great, I absolutely adore Keito's expressions. And my goodness, someone hand me a fan. It's so good in every way. My love struck soul had to read it over and over again. The food-centric story made me hungry too haha! In more ways than one heeehee! :D
Honestly the whole concept of Mayuri and his 6-year-old “sister” was super creepy. But it was legit hilarious and kind of sweet like a shojo romance. My favorite parts were definitely the fights, pretty intense actually haha. And the ending was a surprise! I'd love to see a sequel to it like the author talks about in the afterward.
Short (aka too quick if I'm being honest), sweet, and the ending made me laugh out loud. I wish it was longer.
I'm really enjoying the series so far (I began after 8 chapters had been released), and it is really nice to have a guy who isn't a jerk. I really liked seeing a bit of the backstories. I think the only two things I didn't care for was the big-breasted cliche (not my cup of tea) and obviously the sexual violence later on, it makes me sick so I'm hoping the story gets lighter for my heart's sake. Otherwise, a great story and I look forward to more!
Oh man, it was so cute and heartclenching. I loved every page. Yura is definitely adorable, I agree Mr. Kagi haha. But oh my gosh!!! That “Lover Boys” story was just mean! I loved it too much...
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