User Reviews For: Room Share -Living Alone with a Wild Host- [VertiComix]


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TheDarkhold Rating
The art is attractive. I guess this is the type of story in which they stay together and grow to realize good sides of each other overtime. Good development right in the 1st chapter, now finishing chapter 3, I want to know more how the chemistry between the main couple will unfold.
spinner Rating
It's great so far. I can't wait to see the battle to come and the end of their agreement.
rebel420 Rating
Loving this story!! It is a very unique story & i was getting tired of the same old "1 night stand, FL gets pregnant then flees, 5 yrs later the FL & ML meet again, b*itch sister-in-law & mother-in-law get involved, etc" story, so this is just what i needed. Also, the artwork is to die for!!!! The ML's face is drop dead gorgeous & the FL is a natural beauty, by far the best artwork I've seen (& I've read 1,000s of mangas, manhwas, webtoons, etc so thats saying something!!!)....cant wait for more of this story!! GREAT JOB AUTHOR & CARTOONIST (THE PERSON WHO DRAWS THE ARTWORK) & PLEASE KEEP UP WITH THE AWESOME WORK!!!
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