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TheDarkhold Rating
Pretty boring and simple plot. A playboy realised that he's in love with his best friend only when she decided to quit. There is little to no development of character (I guess partially due to the short length of the manga too). The H scenes are so-so. Just reading this for killing time.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
OMG this Yuma guy is one self serving jerk face with a really cute face, gah it makes me so mad!!!! Grrrr!!! He treats girls like 'eh whatever, next' because he's cool and good looking. Miho is his bf from kindergarten days. She takes care of him and is hopelessly in love with him. And has watched him go through girl after girl. Ouch!!! Why he decides to cross the line is what I really wanna know. So next chapter please!! Because he can't be this cruel, right? So far it's good in that angsty way
xkanamex Rating
Ahhh I can't wait to see how this progresses, the tension in this series is thick! Miho is super cute, I really like her. Yuma has this hot-cold vibe. Sometimes it feels like he really likes her though. I'm sure it will end up that way but how will they get there, persevere Miho!!
Comiclover Rating
So far the storyline start up pretty good and interesting, which make you want to read more. This manga start up with background of the main characters (childhood) and slowly show the development between them. I am always a suck on childhood love story.. can't wait for the next chapter to be out!