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natmaliga Rating
It's a quick romantic read. I do find the characters are not well developed and there's not much steamy romance. The female lead is very timid. The entire thing reads as if it's just skimming the surface or what could've been a story with more details intertwined.
canadiana Rating
Pretty average romance, nothing past some make-outs. Charlotte is quite the anxious character which may be relatable for some, but I was a bit frustrated by the trope of "oops I don't know how to verbalize my feelings until the end!". I would suggest only renting, not worth a full purchase.
Majala Rating
Some nice artwork but there is no story and no chemistry between the characters.
ebookrenta03djm4vi3 Rating
Great art work but the story falls flat
daizelegayle Rating
A short sweet read. Penny Jordan stories usually are fantastic and this did not disappoint. Art is clean and lovely.
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