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Majala Rating
Stereotypical story, not a fan of the artwork
ebookrenta06dkar8q2 Rating
This story was actually kind of sad. Sad in the sense that the FL was always waiting and looking for love from anyone willing to receive it. The ML's sad excuse for his pride being the reason why he treated her so poorly was disheartening and disgusting. The ML played with that girl's emotions. This man would only visit their home once a month, have his wife be made a spectacle for his affairs in gossip magazines, and had the nerve to claim that his pride is what made him do it? His pride made him go off and be with other women because of fear of ruining his wife's innocence? With all that said, the story at least deserves two stars because at least the FL tried. She tried to fight back and leave that man alone. She had a backbone for the most part and to some it may not be much but I have definitely seen worse.
Kiki Rating
Love the story and the artwork.