User Reviews For: I May Be Your Big Brother But I Want You To Be Sweet On Me


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ebookrenta0fzdy9pr6 Rating
Both of the brothers are so adorable! You can tell they love each other very much. I haven't finished the story yet thought.
CoolKat122 Rating
I am liking it so far, but his younger brother is pissing me off for taking Kanata's (?) hard earned money, kinda wish he got it back or something instead of just letting him get away with it.That aside, I like the art and character design ?
0hRa30h Rating
It's starting to get really interesting now. I had a feeling Kanata will see him again even after their failed date. Now I can't wait to find out if he'll win or lose the match.
eightyroses Rating
It's not ridiculously smutty, and has a good plot-line. Some of these mangas seem like an excuse to cram in as much smut as they can, but I actually like the story in this one. I really adore the characters, and the drawing style.I saw someone mention the older brothers character design being more akin to shota, and that's true. So, if you don't like that, you might want to avoid this one. Some of the themes in this could be a bit much for some, but I think you know what you're getting into if you read the introduction and sneak peak
TheRaikume Rating
It's so cute and I absolutely adore it. I keep coming back everyday to see if it has updated. ?
MBarr Rating
An entertaining manga to read. The art is cute. The storyline is interesting but not heavy.I wonder how the story will evolve in the future. Will they tell their parents? Will the parents find out? Will they break up in the future?I've been waiting a long time for the next chapter. We are all cheering on you, dear Authors!
Neechi Rating
I wish there was more! Some might find this a little cliche but that's why I like it! It was cute seeing how they fell for each other. Like the little angst and drama with the love triangle before they ended up together. I hope this continues. I want to see their life after they finally got together!
alienxxi Rating
The incest in this one is so adorable. I love it! Especially how things ended with Mizuhara! I love to see more what will happen to them in their relationship! Art is spicy and lots of sexy scenes with Keita and Kanata! Love it!
Pandabear9929 Rating
Awesome story. I loved the details and can't wait for future updates.
Tatrixa Rating
I'm so in love with this story! The art is so beautiful!
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