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Andromeda Rating
So far so good, though it's tough to review only one chapter... I need more! The art is great, and the characters are interesting so far, as in I would like to know more about them. The story is pretty tame right now, but I am still interested in knowing where it's going. The cliffhanger is that the MC's are just about to have a 'moment' here, so I can't wait to read the next chapter! I sense some steamy-ness on it's way!
peichi Rating
I remember I skipped over this title many times because the title and cover made me think it might have dubcon/non-con in it. Thankfully it's a bit of a misleading title and the consent is actually really good. The guy is assertive, though not nearly as much as a lot of the guys in love manga. He's not dangerous though, he's a really nice guy and a great lover. Sex scenes aren't as spicy as I like them and are a bit short, but not bad by any means. Definitely recommend if you are looking for something short and sweet.
hapahappy Rating
I really enjoy the characters so far. Sometimes I feel like some couples in romance manga can be kinda cringy but these two are an exception. The development of their relationship can feel a bit fast paced but over all it has an organic flow. The story is interesting enough too! Not overly dramatic but there is some to keep it entertaining. Totally worth the read and I hope more people review and read it as well!
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