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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Whoa! Me likey!!!! It's got betrayal, guilt, intrigue and revenge. Art is very reminiscent of Harada, which is an A+ in my books. I love gangster stories. The underbelly of society and men doing bad things all for the coin and because why not? Ohhhh!!! This is right up my alley. Just the tinniest bit of backstory to get the story rolling. I'm all in.
Daroon Rating
Awesomeee? been a fan of Dotsuco's artwork and style from a long time I'm glad this got official translation!! I need to read more of this so I hope gets full translation. Dotsuco's works are pretty awesome and fun too! I hope to see more of their stories as well ?? I'll be looking forward to it!
GregorIAN Rating
For all that happens, the emotion is lackluster for the most part. You'll be as disappointed as Ginji.
golisopod Rating
Lordt I LOVE dotsuco. The light ahegao is super cute!! Strange that spilt milk is the first to be uploaded but it's super interesting so!
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