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muscardin Rating
Uhhhhh I just read the 3th chapter and I literally in love with the art ? it's perfect. I really like the step by step relastionship storyline and that not everything turns over. (like in so many other story's)take your time, I like it ?Looking forward for more ???
BroBeam Rating
I hate how these are so short but I'm in love already. Just paid 15 bucks to read everything available. It's the type of cliche that slightly differs from the regular cliche. He not a young strikingly handsome man he's a rugged older man and I'm so digging it.
PassionDevourer Rating
I was pleasantly surprised by the first chapter. Usually in stories like this, the initial "act" involves non-consensual themes, but the girl here is entirely willing and makes the decision to escalate their relationship of her own accord. The relationship is sweet, and I'm looking forward to learning more of hers and the ex-wife's backstory in the coming chapters. I'm curious to know if the ex ever realizes the mistake she made when she pretended she knew him and whether our girl will eventually find herself understanding the ex's side of the story.
Mangareader Rating
I love this series thusfar because the characters have emotional depth and the female main character is fairly strong and makes decisions that affect her vs being thrown into the 18+ portion of the story. Plot points move forward with logic and doesn't dance around emotions without a proper conversation like so many stories like this. Art is also proper beautiful and relatable. I can't wait for the next chapter!
Sacchan24 Rating
interesting! I look forward to next!
honeybun Rating
I am totally in love with the storyline. The art is also beautifully drawn. Really cant wait for the next new chapter to be out.
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