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Idioteva Rating
While the concept of how they hook up is a tad weird, it works and makes more sense after knowing it was originally a one shot. Both of the characters have thier personality issues that cause the drama such as the generic misunderstanding, but are aware of thier innate flaws and work around them. Was refreshing to see your stereotypical train wreck relationship start, but handled in a very adult manner. I think this gelled with me more because of my age.I don't think I would have liked it as much if I was in my late teens/early twenties.
ForgottenQuill Rating
I don't know. From the summary and other reviews, I was expecting something something a lot sexier and happier. But this was....depressing. I'm sorry, I read my yaoi for a different reason than this manga was presenting. I read the whole thing, which I felt was really poorly paced, and just grew to hate the "oh so pretty" blond. He emotionally toys with the guy in his bar and makes him feels like shit for falling in love. He's an asshole and so were all his asshole friends. They all gang up on his guy, calling him "funny" for being so emotional. I would have punched them all if I could and then told the brunette he deserves so much better than their mind games. Still, the manga was boring and too slow given the material. I think a much better and much sexier yaoi could have been written. This was just a waste of time.
Misheru Rating
Honestly the plot is hard and heavy. It's not a completely happy story with our couple who don't know how to communicate well. It is filled with angst and drama but feels like a real life. I appreciate when the characters realize there flaws and do their best to overcome them.
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