User Reviews For: The Spaniard's Pregnant Bride


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ebookrenta0cksy5oe1 Rating
The way the conversation and background of the whole plot wasn't as seamless as I'd it to be but this was a good read. Not as typical as it sounds. Worth it
Jathina Rating
The story was interesting and the artwork was pretty. My reason for 4 stars rather than 5 is the same problem I have with most Harlequin books translated into manga. They seem to summarized and would have been better if it had been longer.
Kiki Rating
Love this story. The art is amazing too.
ebookrenta06dkar8q2 Rating
Honestly seeing as there was just one comment that said it was bad I was surprised. It was actually pretty good. I recommend! (I gave it three stars because I've genuinely read better but it wasn't bad at all)
scerazade90 Rating
No bad
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