User Reviews For: After Being Scouted by God, I Ended up in an Alternate Universe. -Domestic Magic Makes for an Easy Life.-


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jessrine Rating
Exactly what I look for in an isekai manga. I know it's only chapter 1 but food. Magic. Fluffy friends. All the formula of isekai manga I personally enjoy.
along7 Rating
Isekai manga like this is what I live for nowadays (2020, need I say more) and it has everything I love: strong female protagonist just happy making life better for those around her, cute animals, magic, and an interesting take on the reincarnated with gods blessings story. Usually wishes to God are for offensive or defensive magic, but she asked for domestic magic which initially sounds like a waste of a wish. But instead her contributions are capable of lifting a nation out of poverty and drastically improving quality of life of those struggling and boosting the economy which is far more interesting to read about than fighting monsters. Can't wait to read more!! ?
YumeHime0 Rating
A good series to start a new story.God world building, character growth improvements and a light fluffy isekai ? 10/10 would recommend
Sittinadzra08 Rating
I like it that much!!! Very interesting.. Please more xD
GayForHimari Rating
Not much so far, but it looks like a charming series in the making!
MrThere Rating
Can't wait for more...
ebookrenta08s1lm37f Rating
It is good just wish there were more pages to read
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