User Reviews For: It Feels So Good, I'm Gonna Break...! -The Charming Devil's New Toy-


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sasaraRH Rating
It definitely provides yhe H that you want to read, although i can't wait to read how it will progress in the story. The MC seems interesting with her personality and traits, and the mmc seems to be the one who i can't wait to see how he'll develop in the storyOverall would recommend and hope it updates soon
Dreamer75 Rating
Interesting read so far. Cannot wait for the next episode. The ML looks innocent but has some twisted ideas for the FL. Hoping for a few twists in this story.
AngieAurora93 Rating
I really like the plot, art and it's details. My whole week is made whenever i see a new chapter being released.
TrinaCasey Rating
The ML is an misguided ass and the FL is a damsel in destress while trying to look brave. The act fails. Epically.Not impressed. Wait till it goes on sale before spending your points.
ebookrenta0q193d1xx Rating
The main male character comes off as too unlikable in the first chapter and given the subject it makes it harder for me to enjoy the story. In stories like this a likable character can go a long way. Even if the main female character is annoyed, the reader shouldn't be.
Wrenb Rating
Really enjoying this one. Has good character development and good steam. Can't wait for more.
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