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Mrsmangame123 Rating
3.5 stars. Arts nice. The story is a bit slow even though there's the whole sex slave thing going on. They're both so awkward and not costumed to talking about what truly bothers them. They keep everything bottled up for the sake of not bothering others even though other people don't necessarily keep their feelings a top priority. It's interesting to say the least.
Lumina77 Rating
Not super great in my opinion. The ending turned out okay hence two stars instead of one, but I really don't like how this starts. In my opinion, the scenes are hot but the way the story is told seems to depict an extremely unhealthy relationship. If they didn't decide to "do it over" at the end I would have given one star. Even then, I still think the main character should not have fallen in love with the guy at all. Being rich and in a bad mood doesn't give anyone the excuse to act the way he did at first, he should have apologized at the end and they moved on or something idk. I'm kind of bad at reviews, it's more just my opinion and I'm upset the way this turned out. If you're looking for hot scenes sure, but I don't believe its a good read for the romance aspect. Not really worth the money as it's quite expensive.
Guest Rating
The story itself is quite typical but i totally fell in love with the female lead's characteristics! I love how she's so mature in everything she does, especially in making decisions. I wish we can get a volume two, I want to see more of this couple's future
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