User Reviews For: The Warmth of Those Left Waiting


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AlwaysAnju Rating
The first two chapters so far are just setting up the story and characters, so no progress yet. But the art style and character design are just so pretty and cute that I've decided I want to pay and wait it out! So far everyone is so polite and sweet, it looks promising.
Soda Rating
A really good and sweet read. The characters are so cute!
armyofbirbs Rating
a nice little short story - the relationship that's depicted is very wholesome :)
SamSJ15 Rating
It's such a sweet story. The main focus is Suu's character change. It's a short story and I like it. I feel like it could also be a great story if it were longer too, going to into more detail of everything. I'll be looking out for more by this author.
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