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69fujoshi69 Rating
Memorable and a favorite. Hidaka Shoko's art is as beautiful as always. Leads are Masahiko (gay seme) and Kazuki ("straight" uke). Story is largely from the perspective of Masahiko and there's something about the art and pacing that do a perfect job at mirroring what he is feeling. He is immediately attracted to Kazuki but knows he should be wary about his growing attachment since Kazuki isn't also attracted to men. The mood is calm and grounded with constant tension.
Akiu Rating
I love this story. I immediately upgraded it. A bit of a long story with drama (gay x straight; unfulfilled past love), but in the end they get it together. And yes, there's a sex scene, it's not very graphic, but damn it's hot!(I would have wished for more though) The Art style is beautiful, I think that's the main reason why I love this manga so much.
fideliashoshanah Rating
A sweet, dramatic short story about working adults, fateful meetings, and all that jazz. The art is good, if sometimes a tiny bit stiff, and the characters are all very distinct in both design and personality.
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