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peichi Rating
Brutish boss?! What a misleading title. He is not brutish at all, he's a total sweetheart who likes shoujo manga, blushes a lot and cries when he thinks the heroine might hate him. In other words he is exactly my type and I am hooked so far. No consent issues so far and he definitely is the type that will wait for consent. It's a shame I think this would sell much better if it had a better title. I'm glad I gave it a chance regardless and hope others will too.
dhyssong Rating
Cute story. I'm not sure where the title "A Tryst with my Brutish Boss" comes from. The boss is really very sweet and not brutish at all.
SavageLightBox Rating
You know... I choked on my own spit a little at the end of chapter 3. haha
Noodlebat Rating
It's getting more complex than I expected! Who will end up with whom at the end? I know I'm barracking for Soji and Kanami.
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