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hempress Rating
yesss I am here for a FMC that is the cool chick but secretly just wants to be spoiled and treated like a princess (hahaha maybe a little too relatable!) and an earnest, open male love interest <3
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Again in the same week another drunk hookup story?! Lol, but again it seems like it's sorta ok. She gave consent but then was momentarily confused as to what was going on. Sounds like a nightmare but we're just going to go with it? Riko is the epitome of revered cool lady who can do it all and needs no one, but she does want someone to spoil her. Don't we all? Atsushi her former middle school classmate reenters her life. And he's so cute!!! Obviously boy has been in love for a long time. Will stay tuned.
Arzella Rating
Its refreshing how cute this story is. I cant wait for more updates.
Kas Rating
Midnightcoffee Rating
I love how adorable the main characters are and how sweet their relationship is.
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