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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Interesting. Old childhood friends reunite in odd circumstances. Harsh criticisms are laid out and then awkward moments. It moves along really fast. Not sure where this is really going storywise. Arts ok. Characters are ok. Maybe not my favorite
sasaraRH Rating
Its an interesting manga. Very fast paced-like some one shot/mini series you read whether thats manga, FF, etc. W/ that said i didn't mind the fast pace because it worked out really well for the plot & storyline. However, i can only give this 4 stars because it feels like there is something missing from this short series. Not sure exactly what, but u can kinda just tell.Although, it's a cute story. I love how the FL is & her interactions w/ the ML. I love that they're childhood friends reconnecting & just going w/ the flow of things that life throws at them.(As said the storyline & flow of the manga works out very well)i just wish maybe it was longer, or perhaps better fleshed out especially w/ some of the flashback scenes. I would still recommend this as it provides the H scenes u want, a simple & nice storyline, plus some very chill & easy flowing characters. I love that the ML really cares for the FL & there is mutual consent between the two. Its a 4 to 4.5/5 star worthy read.
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