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sasaraRH Rating
I love this series. Its cute, has well developed plot and characters. Its starting to get really deep with the mmc. Oru is really cute, and being that she is short, called out for being younger than her age, loves fashion, she's focused on work and doesn't have a "little" girl body, she reminds me of me. Love it. I absolutely love the story and how it's developing as mmc admires oru so much, wants to work with her and its great.Sadly, still tired of the trope of the girl being great at everything, independent, but having no home- economics skills, however, what can you do? Still rating it 5/5 as its great and wanting it to update soon, plus highly recommend!
Capitulate Rating
This was great from beginning to end. Oru is a serious, hard working entrepreneur committed to realizing her dreams of fashion design and proving herself in that world. She's already found a measure of success, but she's ambitious and is seeking a level of recognition she hasn't attained yet. Tsumugu is an ardent fan of Oru's work. He approaches her with a bid to be her assistant. His kind, enthusiastic, and gentle personality along with his domestic skills quickly charm and win Oru over. She takes him for a lovable airhead, so when the two get a little tipsy she's surprised to discover how passionate and sensually assertive he can be. These two have fantastic chemistry from the start. The relationship they develop is heartwarming and sexy. It's a feel good read the whole way through.
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