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GrimLuciel Rating
If you approach this knowing it's a comedy, it's really funny and just a silly, fun read!
mimiamugami Rating
I've always loved pretty younger top x plain looking older bottom and funny contents, so this title attracted me in a flash. Also, the slice of life in omegaverse setting makes it more interesting too.And I was surprised when I found out the Japanese version has 14 chapters, so that's a sign that this title is really good? Can't wait for the next chapter to be released!
SpikeKitten Rating
I just started reading this; I'm on chapter 4. This is so hilarious and cute so far. I absolutely adore it.
chipri Rating
it just isn't that good :( i want to like it so bad and i went into it knowing it's slapstick, but i regret spending my money on it honestly. it's not funny and it's barely cute. idk, wouldn't really recommend
GregorIAN Rating
This whole thing is ridiculous. Take the clumsy cliche to the max where it isn't just a bad p*rno plot but sheer meme-town.
ebookrenta0977vqaz7 Rating
Can't wait for the next chapter
bluesystemic648 Rating
Really Fucking Corny, like I can't belive every single panel or scene is Corny As Fuck, I bought all of it so I don't have a choice to read it but ?? can't believe it, Lmao. Not in a Bad way though. Its rather fun.
TouchTheSound Rating
This is so good! It's one of my top favorites!
mossy03 Rating
This was great. It was super light and fluffy and really funny. Yes it's over the top but that's what makes it great.
ebookrenta0hgcci64t Rating
It's a awesome read
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