User Reviews For: Living with a Foreign Wolf Under the Same Roof


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Yaaaaay!!!! I like!! Koharu needs a good man like Abel. The whole time reading this I was like, he's a prince right? Annnd yep. The pacing is very fast. Enough background is given to make sense of the plot and it's fairly straightforward. I love the art. I love our hero. And the heroine is cute. Can't wait to see how this all goes down. More please!!!
NekoChan Rating
This art style is my absolute favorite, quite adorable but also speaks sex appeal. The hands are beautifully done and don't even get me started on the expressions *chefs kiss* lol. The plot as well makes my heart skip a beat, also chuckled at his advancement haha, I have already fallen for the male protagonist even though it's just the first chapter.
rentareader888 Rating
Really loving the art style the males are so hot XD this is definitely a fast paced manga since things are moving quickly if you know what I mean ;) but I dont mind it at all.
kkani Rating
Hot and sweet at the same time good job
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