User Reviews For: An Inexperienced 25-Year-Old Now Lives with a High School Guy


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manganewbie Rating
I've read up to chapter 11 and all I can say is that this story is dragging on. I get the FL's hesitations for not wanting to pursue the ML as he is younger than her and in HS, but he lives with her! I just don't know where this story is going. The artwork is nice and the dialogue is thought out, but it's a lot of money to spend on a storyline that has no clear direction. Not sure if I'll be reading the future chapters.
Chiara692005 Rating
First chapter kind of spicy and got me already hooked, I can't wait to see how it is going to work out between this clumsy inexperienced 25-year-old virgin and this super-hot-18-year-old high school student! Art is beautiful, I really love it, looking forward for next chapter !!
Butterfries97 Rating
The story is a slow-burner, with a gradual build up between the MC and the love interest who are both awkward in their own ways. The art is beautiful and I have to say the author's sense of humour is surprisingly hilarious. Would definitely recommend
moonekon Rating
So far pretty interesting! We don't see how far they go that one night so that'll be an interesting plot device. Haruka is a very shy woman and its pretty cute, though I hope she ends up becoming more confident. Art is cute too. 4 stars because the story just isn't quite there for me yet.