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Ren4Liz28 Rating
Ok, so plot sounded ridiculous, but it was actually really funny and I enjoy it so far. There should be a non-con warning though, kinda sorta. I think it is worth checking out and the guys both look amazing in their glasses.
hweianimeme Rating
This is actually amazing. It's a bit dub conny sure but omg the art style is so hot and I love the way it's written. The uke especially looks great and the seme? Well the seme has very good tastes hehe.
Linnea112 Rating
I do say it's sad not seeing this couple switch positions, but the story is never the less a more mature read. Like real adults, the guys don't go overboard with their feelings and still manage to convey to us readers what they're feeling.I really liked the way Chiaki actually says during sex that it's his first time as an uke, and that his finds the position uncomfortable, and how he is more than just funny when he says SOMETHING during their first time having sex. (Sorry, I just don't want to spoil it, but it was both hilarious and really lewd and something only someone who actually feels secure enough with their sex partner would say).I also really liked how Suda doesn't come on to Chiaki too aggessively, and how he actually listens to him while they're having sex and try to talk with one another (well, except for the first BJ but hey, the rest including the rejection scene is good).
betta48 Rating
I love it
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