User Reviews For: Sharing Is Caring -I Have Two Boyfriends-


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
I should love this. Annnd I do to a certain degree. What's not to love about a lucky lady getting not just one hot and unattainable guy, but two!!! Yeah the best friends who share everything is always a good time. But this story just puts everything out there like a blob effect. The art leaves a lot to be desired and I know women are capable of being catty but to that degree? Too much. Not sure
AquaBenten Rating
A true poly relationship for the win! I would love more stories like this! <3
soundslikeromance Rating
I really hope this is a true ménage/polyamory and not just a threesome that becomes a love triangle. Because the dynamic between these three is *chef's kiss*
athena70 Rating
LOL this is just campy fun. The writer's other two works here are Yaoi, and this feels like it's a yaoi plot with a girl in the middle. Oh they just happen to live in the company's shared house, which was used by a lot more people in the past, but now just the two guys were left? hmm... okay. Don't worry too much about it making sense. I do like the slamming down of the typical office cattiness trope when they find out the FL is going out with the office hottie. It's always such an annoying trope, I like how it's turned it on its head here.
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