Torihakarau's Reviews & Ratings

Ahhh I really loved this story! Both characters have intresting personalities and the art is beautiful. Really enjoyed how Fumio was always on the edge of going feral, but Itsuki would just go with the flow and match his energy. Do wish there was a bit more at the end showing a bit into the future.
Love this story! It's spicy, cute, and has some action in it! Please note there is some partial non con in this. Main couple is consesual tho! Very relevied to see the final chapter come out after so long! It has a bit of a diffrent feel from previous chapters, but wraps the story up nicely. Would like to know more about the demon doctor.
Starts off on a bit of a bumpy road but it was great seeing the characters reach mutual love in the end! Very sweet and spicy! The supporting characters were also really fun.
Very cute story! Simple plot that progressed naturally. It had me blushing quite a few times with all the fluff UwU. Would love to learn more about the friends!
A fun sexy story with cats! Very unique way of protraying the everyday lives of cats with their owners! Please be aware there is alot of dub-con in this!
A very sweet and spicy story! Enjoyed how it dealt with the struggles of knowing when to make the next move and sneak behind over bearing family members xD
So glad to see another tittle by this author! The art is beautiful and the story was comfy and fun! Great progression with the main couples relationship. It was fast paced but felt natural. All the characters were very likeable.
A very relaxing story with a sprinkle of chaotic energy! There is not too many spicy scenes in the story, but the concept of a otome game fan slowly falling in love with with the voice actor of the character they already love was a very sweet concept. What a lucky guy! While it is a charming story please note the main couples relationship is mostly dub-con!
A very cute story! The main couples communication is all over the place, but it's okay xD
A fun cute story about two guys falling in love for the first time! Their personalities are very diffrent, but they balance out each other well and work to be on the same page. Also lots of beautiful spiciness. I feel like the author always puts alot of thought into the background characters as well!
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