User Reviews For: Don't Beg Me, Don't Kiss Me


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Oh whoa!!!! Yessssss!!!! Whatever this is I want more of it!!! Art is super pretty. Characters are very interesting and believable in their environment. Both have very interesting quirks about what gets them “off” so to say. I'm completely invested with this y'all. It's funny! It's fast paced and I really like both leads. Like another reviewer mentioned about consent towards the end, I totally agree. Can't wait for more!!
yuwachi Rating
It gets a bit dub-consent-y at the end, because the character's reaction to being kissed is very intense, but there is no malicious intent involved.All in all, I am interested to see how the dynamic between the leads plays out, and the art style is very clean and charming.
juviaa Rating
Ooooo so nice!! More please
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