User Reviews For: I Might Be Your Fan, but I'll Never Fall for You!


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ebookrenta0iqj5ubyl Rating
Starts off pretty good! But trust me, get to chapter three. One of the hottest things I've ever read on here 11/10
Kazz Rating
I need mooooawr!!!! I think there should be volume 2! They're so cute. I wuv them!
Mnky3 Rating
Seems spicy on the first chapter hope to get more in chapter 2!
vyu Rating
Outstanding! Initially thought the art style wasn't for me, but damn this is a great BL.The interesting angles and POV shifts between the main characters made the attraction they had for each other feel so, so, so tangible.TERRIBLY cute and hot, I wanna read more from this mangaka!!!
Ibeshippin Rating
That's interesting- ?
Miyachan Rating
I wish the storyline is more.. It's kinda felt hanging. But the art and steamy scene are not bad either..
SadAsian Rating
So cute!
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