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Oh. My. Gosh!!!!! I was just curious and bought the first chapter and I couldn't stop my self from purchasing the rest!! ?In some scene (maybe Most Of them) Mitaka appears to me like as shota but that DOESN'T PUT ME OFF. HE'S UBEEER CUTE, GUNDAMMIT! And I kinda like that.
I like it, but I need mo sexy scenes from those twoooo! Grind that lil hips, Eiji. ?I want sequel!!! ?
I absolutely adore Sachio and Ukano. I love their chemistry. I wish there were more. I cried at Ukano;s back story. I love to see them mate and I definitely would want to see little Sachio and Ukano hybridsss! ? Thanks Author-san for the wonderful story..
Let me tell you this, I'm a sucker for yaoi with kids! The awesome part in this story is we've got beastmen in here!! BEASTMEN!! Just right up my alley! How cool is that!? This is such a feel good story. It's heartwarming and fluffy and its got good drama. It touches the subject of life itself, discrimination which we always, always see in the real world. Purchase it and you won't regret it. I'm actually wanting more of the story. I need sequel!!
I cried so many, many, many times. I love the story. I love the art style. It's awesome! The ocean scene would be so much nicer in colors. I get it in black and white but would be freakin awesome if we have that in colors. I'm dying to read the next chapter!Purchase this. Worth every dollar!!
Omg, omg, ohmoohgaawdd!I want moawrr puhlesh! I hope to see lots, and lots of chapters!
I love kids in yaoi! It makes the yaoi world so much better!!! I love just love this!! Ritsu is so cuuute!! I wanna eat him! ???
I love this!! I need more of this!
I loveee this!! I cried a lot. Worth reading! Love is weird. Gaaaah.
I need mooooawr!!!! I think there should be volume 2! They're so cute. I wuv them!
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