User Reviews For: Forbidden Roommate -How to Manage a Lustful Idol-


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Ok Hijiri is seriously funny because I can't take him serious at all. He's completely full of himself, so he must be good ;) At singing and performing and yeah other things. And cute and clueless Ichika is in his radar now since she's refused him the one thing no woman ever has. Shocker!! Now he wants her and demands she service him. Lol!!! Like that we see where they are now and goes back in time to the first meeting. Wondering how this will tell the story? Present with flashbacks? Idk. More
Sighz Rating
Only read chapter 1 so far. Seems like it'll be decent once we get more story.Side note : I keep hearing the idol's voice as Tamaki from Ouran ??