User Reviews For: Stardust of the Demon City


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Dannnnng. I'm such a sucker for mafia/underworld stories. The corruption, the greed the violence, I love it. Now add yaoi in the mix and *chef's kiss* perfection. The art just adds to the moodiness of the story and the shady characters.
MioAkiyama Rating
Mafia, gangsters and everything sexy. It takes more than 2volumes to get into the story and it gets more mysterious and dark at the same time. 100% recommend!
beefly Rating
Great story line all kinds of twists and turns. Plus it's pretty fucking sexy and sexual.
ebookrenta0l7a9xt5p Rating
I, as a person who does not read manga in principle, am very happy with this particular manga, God!The style of drawing is too beautiful, the plot is wonderful, and the characters are incredibly beautiful, I just love it!!! ??? I hope Yuron will be all right, my poor boy aaaaaaahhhh....Author, thank you for your creativity! I hope you don't mind if I draw a fanart with your characters...