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MissMaus Rating
Holy Smutty McSmutterson o.o; The entire story is essentially a masseur seducing an oblivious salaryman. There's very little character development, unless you count the air headed uke developing into a sexpot. You won't be reading this for the plot. Still has cute moments tho.
sprokonoinoi Rating
Seme cheats on uke. What a piece of garbage. Smut is good though so if you can get past the infidelity, go ahead and read.
Altrin Rating
I just loved it ?
Linsey31 Rating
I loved this! It is definitely smuuuuttty (so hot!!) but it is also super cute and if you're into naive ukes this is definitely for you. If you're looking for a deep plot this isn't for you but if you're looking for something hot and heartwarming this is definitely it. Definitely worth the money!!! I hope this author comes out with more works!
Daekin Rating
Well, that was smut-tastic. Not the most complex plot, but the story was well done anyway. Art was nice too. Would read again.
tickeldpink Rating
This is a VERY porny read. Marathon sex, multiple orgasms, x-ray shots, looooots of bodily fluids. Their relationship wasn't super deep but it was still enough to have me engaged. The masseur is a bit of a playboy before he fully falls for the businessman so be warned if that bugs you. Not for the heavily romantic but it's pretty sexy and has enough of a relationship for you to care about them.
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