User Reviews For: See You in Your Dreams -Love and Dream Demons-


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PennyDreadful Rating
I thought this story had a lot of potential, but the ending was really disappointing, as in, there was no ending. Like, nothing is explained, the "love interest" is half-done, the characters are flat, and the story is more of a concept than an actual story. On top of it all the art was messy, kind of seemed more like a concept board or draft than a finished work. I don't recommend this one.
KusottareShonen Rating
I will admit. From a writing standpoint, this wasn't that good. I enjoyed it though, because the uke and the art style and the content really appealed to my personal tastes. If the author could give the story some flavour, I'd bump this up to five stars, no question. Enjoyable, but only on a personal level!
KingOfK3arts Rating
I mean I don't really have strong feelings about this but it was SOOOOO boring. Virtually nothing interesting happened and the couple whose advertised does have any kind of romantic relationship- which is weird. The bottom has s*x dreams of the top because of dream demons (which didn't make too much sense either). Then in the end the couple share a kiss in real life and that's it. I can't give it one star because it wasn't offensive and everything was consented I think? But I would skip this one. Don't even rent it honestly I got 0 enjoyment out of it and it just ended up being a waste of time.
Linsey31 Rating
Super cute but I wish it was longer! If it was longer and you got to see them develop their relationship a bit more and actually have sex I would have definitely given it 5 stars!!
Tito82 Rating
This story has a cute and fun little uke and a hot expressionless seme. It has a man interesting plot.
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