User Reviews For: My Sneaky Childhood Friend Won't Let Me Get Away


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oynaka Rating
This is so great!! This is the one of my favorite manga of Tomomitsu Yamamoto Sensei. I like Haruka. He is so hot!!!
Boobsbutts69 Rating
I absolutely love the childhood friends trope! And Haruka is mischievous and sexy. So far the story is not overly dramatic or deep, but very entertaining. It gives you enough to keep you coming back for more.
HimeDarling Rating
Very moe!! Sweet love story!
frozen Rating
pchflvr20 Rating
Been a fan of Yamamotos style and can't wait for more!!!!
Smky1965 Rating
I love the progression of story this one has
SweetBeans Rating
I like the main characters in this one. Probably my favorite by this artist so far. I love the guy's cat-like looks and mannerisms, and it's refreshing how they draw their heroines with a little meat on them.
luvcoffee10 Rating
OMG the plot is soo cute and the art style is perfect. I enjoy a bit of humor and sexiness too a story and this one is perfect
enfantqq Rating
Love Yamamoto Sensei 's styles too. I usually attract to male character more than a girl when reading erotic manga. But not with Yamamoto Sensei 's work. The male looks super hot and girl 's design look both fluffy and sexy.
DarkLilElf Rating
This is great! I need more! Love the characters.
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