User Reviews For: My Sneaky Childhood Friend Won't Let Me Get Away


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oynaka Rating
This is so great!! This is the one of my favorite manga of Tomomitsu Yamamoto Sensei. I like Haruka. He is so hot!!!
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Wow!!! Haruka is a sneak sneak sneaker!!! Lol!!! I love him!!! He's so sly!! I love how protective he is over Moegi and how it's practically written on the wall that he's crazy about her but she just refuses to see it until she thinks he's going to be taken away lol! But I really love the brother he's seriously funny and maybe someone you don't want to mess with but you'd never know by looking at him. It's good and by chapter 8 it's finally mutual!!!!
Boobsbutts69 Rating
I absolutely love the childhood friends trope! And Haruka is mischievous and sexy. So far the story is not overly dramatic or deep, but very entertaining. It gives you enough to keep you coming back for more.
pchflvr20 Rating
Been a fan of Yamamotos style and can't wait for more!!!!
HimeDarling Rating
Very moe!! Sweet love story!
frozen Rating
DFXX Rating
For having hot dirty moments, this was a super cute read! The dirty moments didn't feel awkward, they're loyal to each other and it's super adorable!
Hisui Rating
This is so fucking cute ?
KotoniCorgi Rating
i like the dynamic of moegi and haruka a lot . . . 2nd Male Lead Syndrome really be hitting hard tho
Inualways14 Rating
More power to the people who enjoy this title but respectfully I didn't like it. :( I wanted to like it but the main female lead was very irritating to me. I didn't like her facial expression, she looked very stupid and childish. (in my opinion) the male lead however looked great. Overall, I'd probably give this a 2.8 but not quite a 3!
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