User Reviews For: Who's the Real Demon? -The Naughty Exorcist and His Captive Demon-


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Lala Rating
I'm excited to read the next chapter. I like the dynamic between the characters. Like the way she acts more human then he does. It's all physical now but it will be rewarding once he start to see that she has real feelings and is as cute as a button then he wouldn't be able to deny his feelings for her.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Seriously funny and enjoyable!!! I love the art. More please!!!
Quinloki Rating
Far better than I was expecting. The last volume ripped my heart straight out and it was so well done. Not over-played or anything. I can't wait for more - not only was it entertaining, but definitely plenty steamy too.Need more Mutsu and Tama in my life!!
animeangel Rating
This one is starting off real good. The characters are great their relationship is good as well I like how its a hate/slave/master kinda thing but I just know it'll slowly develop. Can't wait!
greencow Rating
The art is beautiful and the storyline looks interesting so far. Looking forward to the next chapter!
gabilel Rating
So good!
laura123 Rating
Liked FL and ml both the same good story.and it's not so long which is a plus
mrscarr Rating
Heartwarming and sweet! This was an absolutely delicious take on a demon and human relationship. Will read again!
Fantasy1 Rating
Love it so much
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