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Eost756 Rating
Really cool I love this manga
himarin64 Rating
omg, I'm in love with this comic!! I don't normally write reviews, but this is so good I must recommend it to everyone who is considering taking a look!!The artwork is absolutely breathtaking, and the story is a dramatic romance that makes me think of Romeo and Juliet - I binged 70+ chapters in one day and found myself suddenly caught up!Xuan Xiao and Shen Yu are amazing characters that develop far from where they began, how their relationship progresses continued to captivate me~ Not to mention there are lots of supporting characters to fall in love with, and several bishounen whose looks will make you swoon! Note, this comic is purely shounen-ai as any suggestive scenes "fade to black" at any hint of sex, so please keep that in mind.My only criticisms are that some of the translation work done by Kuaikan, and the typesetting/editing/QA in the comic could be a bit better. Occasionally there are typos, speech bubbles with the same lines pasted twice, and inconsistent lettering.
BlkDmndBlkTorch Rating
I really do enjoy this comic, however im only concern is the inconsistency of whether Shen Yu is mute or deaf. In the beginning, it was mentioned that he is deaf and he is able to read lips. However later on it mentions that he became a mute after the death of his father. So im unsure if there was just a bit of a translation error in the beginning or what, but other than that i really do enjoy this comic.
RissaRissque Rating
I am obsessed, I love this comic so much I flew through the chapters & cannot wait for more
Cc Rating
It's a bit sad and upsetting but still a good read ??
Fergie Rating
I really enjoyed this story but it seemed like we own a cliffhanger we don't know if he had the baby or if they live in Happily Ever After I'm hoping there's a continuation of the story can't leave us with a cliffhanger.
Wheresmycookies Rating
I don't like how brutal this is and it definitely needed a proofreader. But it's still good, despite the typos and grammatical errors. If you don't like ab*sive stories then I don't recommend this. It's full of it and I'm only on chapter 9 or 10.
Shay Rating
Completely love this Manga. I am totally hooked!!!
vloopenstiibe Rating
Loved it !
Eost7k Rating
I like it it's a cool manga