User Reviews For: Your Husband is Mine. -Wet Penetration at the Midnight Salon-


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andiekae Rating
This story should really come with trigger warnings but I know Japan doesn't really do those so I'm here to help. The infidelity is at least broadcast by the title and summary, but I was not prepared for the many depictions of various forms of sexual assault. And I don't just mean like the typical forceful wooing into sex you see in hentai and seinen manga. There is legitimate crimes being committed on several characters. I really did want to see the MC get her revenge but I couldn't stomach a character being drugged and taken advantage of.The art is fine and it isn't just a story about cheating but BE WARNED if you are sensitive to anything mentioned above. Personally won't be finishing the series.
Naner Rating
Not really one for cheating house wife theme, but the plot is worth it. She has her reasons and isn't just a brainless thot. Great read, great art. Loads of drama.
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