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The art is strange too often and the story has too many outlandish clichés.
Not really one for cheating house wife theme, but the plot is worth it. She has her reasons and isn't just a brainless thot. Great read, great art. Loads of drama.
The art can be nice but the "plot" is non existent and everywhere. Theres no flow and drags on about the same thing over many many many chapters. Love interest has no personality and no redeeming qualities.
No flow to story line, art gets sloppy. non-existent development in characters, things just happen for the sake of smut and the smut scenes are 1 pump lol.
The guy is wierd or the translation is wierd. It's not very immersive bc of how awkward the character is and the grammar. The art can be nice, but the story is everywhere.
There's no flow, the concept is alright but it isn't executed well. The art is inconsistent and the Heroine's personality doesn't make sense.
It's so insane strange it passes the point of being cringy and just ends up being funny. Some parts dont flow well but somehow it still works out, probably because the story line is so outlandish. It's pretty charming in it's own way and makes the reader wonder what shenanigans will happen next. By chapter 3 it gets more suspenseful as far as story line is concerned.I'd say give it a try. P-funny.
Pretty decent if you like the old school gender swap body swap comics of yesteryear. Though in this modern day and age it may be somewhat problematic to people who dislike gender roles, gender stereotypes (obviously lol). I like the art a lot myself and find it charming.The ly problem I have with it is certain parts of gender equality and the side character telling the Male lead in the female body "you're a man so suck it up" when she uses his virginity to pick up a chick and a conbini but tells him he can't do the same in her body. Had the preview been longer for this comic most likely I would have got something else. Since I started reading however now I have to f I'm fish lol
If you like stories that have no flow, feel too rushed, or make no sense hidden behind recognizable near and dear stories look no further. This one will have you in disbelief by how much you will wish you had spent your points on literally any other title. 10/10 for not worth it.
The art style is inconsistent and often looks like Loli or shots because of the head style. There's hardly a plot and the smut is sparce and poorly done.
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