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bluestreak77 Rating
Its not a bad story line and the characters are okay, but it was hard to enjoy because my phone may not be big enough. The words were blurry and hard to see. Plus some bubbled words were in front of objects that made it blend in. I like the smut scenes. Not sure if I will buy second chapter because of word issue.
acedevorak Rating
Really sweet!!! Warning though, their first like three smut scenes are dub-con due to drunkenness and there's another one when they are arguing and it's a bit iffy. Also a part about another much older man wanting "favors" from Arimura as a business thing-- quid pro quo. Other than that! Art was really great, Arimura looks young for his age but he's super cute along with Yutori. Yutori's cute little frog obsession was wholesome. Arimura's reason for being a workaholic is a bit confusing to me but I guess it's an honor thing-- more about self-worth than a promise to an old friend. All in all I enjoyed it immensely. Their chemistry is great plus it goes into a little bit of how if you throw your all into work then you miss out on discovering yourself. Work-life balance!Note: the text was not blurry for me, just certain parts have writing that is super small and I had to zoom in for those. Nothing too bad there, I wouldn't knock off any points for that. Geez this is a long review sorry.
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