User Reviews For: Wild Nights With My Insatiable Fiance -This Bad Boy Just Won't Stop!-


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heyobromo Rating
Hmm very cute!!! I highly suggest giving this one a chance if you've got points to spare.You know, it's a bit typical (as of ch 1) of a smut. It's as cheesy as you think it is, and yes be wary of dub-con. Overall, I actually enjoyed it! The artstyle is interesting, though messy it's very expressive . The leads are a little 2D, but that might just be because the story is new. The real crowning glory is the smut. There's this scene with the male lead... Ugh my heart! His expression! His thoughts! And the female lead! Her reaction!!! It was beautiful!!! And they didn't even go all the way!!!!So yes, I'm looking forward to what this story will bring in the future <3
boarhandles Rating
I love this story for a couple reasons: the art is really good and the sex is REALLY hot. It's always unique and steamy, it doesn't feel like the same smut rehashed multiple times. Also, the story is really cute and the male lead acts adorably aggressive in a way that isn't gross or obnoxious. He's very earnest!
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